Airport services


What airport services are available?

Finavia is responsible for the services available at all airports in Finland – for more information, see Finavia’s website.

If you require information concerning the services available at an airport outside Finland, please visit that airport’s website. See Destinations for links to airport websites.

Where can I find a map of Helsinki Airport?

You can find maps of the airport area and the terminals on Finavia’s website.

Where can I find maps of other airports?

For airport maps, see Destinations.

What parking facilities are available at Helsinki Airport and how much does parking cost?

Finavia is responsible for the parking services of all airports in Finland – for more information, see Finavia’s website.

Can I take tax-free purchases onto connecting flights?

If you purchase tax-free liquids from an airport shop or on board an aircraft, you can take them on a connecting flight, as long as that flight departs no more than 36 hours after you purchased those liquids. If you purchase products from an airport tax-free shop, they must be packed in sealed transparent-plastic bags and the receipt must be placed inside the bag in such a way that it is readable from the outside.

When you transfer to your connecting flight at Helsinki Airport, you must declare any tax-free liquids at the security control, otherwise these liquids will need to be analysed before your journey can continue.


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