Finnair does not provide an advance check-in service for groups. Due to security reasons, all passengers must report at the check-in counter personally for the airline to be able to identify each passenger’s baggage and to check the passenger’s travel documents. At some long-haul stations, Finnair offers separate group desks for members of the group to check-in individually.

Only at Helsinki Airport is it possible to request a dedicated group check-in counter in advance for groups of more than 20 passengers. 

How to book this service:
The travel agency or booking office for the group will request the advance group check-in by sending an email to the Duty Manager of Finnair's Helsinki Airport Customer Service, at:
The request must be sent no later than 72 h prior to flight departure and the information below must be advised. All pre-seating shall be done in advance by the booking agent by using ASR.

Information needed:

  • Flight number, date, destination and connecting flights
  • Number of passengers
  • Estimated number and weight of baggage and description of excess baggage with dimensions
  • Booking references (PNRs)
  • Group name and group leader with contact details (name, email and telephone number)
  • Arrival time at the airport (groups must check in at Helsinki Airport at the latest 2 h before departure for domestic and European flights and 2.5 h before departure for intercontinental flights)

The Duty Manager will confirm the request by email to the booking agent. When Finnair is an operating carrier and the group has been booked in joint business (codeshare) with another carrier, the receipt of payment must be attached when requesting a group desk.

Charges for advance group check-in:

  1. € 80 per group of max 80 passengers:  A dedicated check-in desk will be opened minimum 2 h prior to departure for domestic and European flights and minimum 2.5 h prior to departure for intercontinental flights. Also other customers will be checked in at this desk.
  2.  € 150 per group of max 80 passengers:  A dedicated check-in desk will be opened minimum 2 h prior to departure for domestic and European flights and minimum 2.5 h for intercontinental flights. No other customers will be checked in at this desk.

For groups of more than 80 passengers, extra check-in staff is needed and will be organized according to group size. E.g. for a group of 100 passengers, there must be two service agents available and the charge for two check-in desks is 2 x € 80 = € 160 total (or 2 x € 150 = € 300 total when group desks are for group's own use only).

Please note: Advance group check-in is free of charge for special groups, such as orchestras or sports teams, of more than 20 passengers with large amounts of excess baggage (e.g. sports equipment, instruments).

Advance group check-in for special groups with excess baggage must be booked in the same way as advised above.

How to find the group check-in desk at Helsinki Airport:

To find out the exact location of the group's check-in desk, the group leader needs to contact Finnair's Duty Manager at the airport. The Duty Manager’s office is located in Terminal 2 opposite R- kiosk nearby check-in desk 232.

How to pay for this service:

It is important that the information of payment has been inserted in PNR.

Travel agencies pay for the use of a group check-in desk by issuing an EMD-S as follows:

1. Create a NEW PNR (not group mode) for passenger named CHECKINDESK/NAME OF GROUP MR, e.g.


2. Create SVC segment with service code GCKI for this passenger:


3. Create pricing record for SVC element, validating carrier is AY.


4. Update pricing record:

- present to Finnair (D), amount (F) and coupon value (CV-)


- form of payment (F)


5. Issue EMD


6. Add OSI element to GROUP PNR with EMD number

OS AY EMD 1058200467888 Group check-in Desk

Note: When you issue services for groups traveling within Finland, value added tax must be added, e.g.


EMD cancel – use TRDC entry



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