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Did you forget to add your Finnair Plus membership details in your flight booking before the flight, or show your membership card when using a service with a Finnair Plus partner? We have good news for you: you can claim Finnair Plus points for those flights and services for up to six months afterwards.

Claim points for flights

You can use the Claim missing points form to add points retroactively for Finnair flights (AY flight code) and scheduled flights with our partner airlines if you were a Finnair Plus member at the time of travel.

  • Please make your claim between two weeks and six months after the flight.
  • Points for Finnair flights will show up in your transaction history within 24 hours if you are logged in to your Finnair Plus account when filling in the form. If you do not log in, it may take 1–2 weeks before the points are registered to your account.
  • With partner airlines, the points will be added to your account in 2–4 weeks.
  • You can only collect points to one frequent flyer programme at a time.
  • Points cannot be awarded for tickets for children under two years.
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