Information of Fuel Surcharge

Finnair applies fuel surcharge and insurance surcharge with details as follows. We highly appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Fuel Surcharge

Tickets issued from 01 February, 2021 to 31 May, 2021
Amount per sector
International flights to / from Japan  Not applicable
  • Applicable tickets
    All tickets for travel commencing from Japan
  • Conditions
    (1) Amount charged is the same for adults and children.
    (2) The same amount shall be applied for all discount fares for award tickets.
    (3) These amounts may change in accordance with relevant government licensing conditions.
  • Revision
    In February / April / June / August / October / December [Table 1] aviation fuel (Singapore Kerosene) prices will be checked. Should the average price for aviation fuel (Singapore Kerosene) in the prior two months drop below the provisional amounts listed in [Table 2] permission will be sought from the relevant government to enact the consequent amendments from the effective period given in [Table 1]. Should the average fuel price drop below JPY4,500 per barrel, surcharges will not applicable for tickets issued according to the following [Table 1].
Table 1
Ticketing date
Month of check
Evaluating period for the average fuel price
April 1 February The average from December to January
June 1 April The average from February to March
August 1 June The average from April to May
October 1 August The average from June to July
December 1 October The average from August to September
February 1 December The average from October to November
Table 2
Price of Singapore Kerosene (per barrel Unit: JPY)
Fuel surcharge
Less than JPY11,000 JPY17,500
Less than JPY10,000 JPY14,000
Less than JPY9,000 JPY10,500
Less than JPY8,000 JPY7,000
Less than JPY7,000 JPY3,500
Less than JPY6,000 Not applicable
  • European Sectors
    Fuel surcharges for the European flights vary depending on the departure and arrival city.

Insurance Surcharge

From/To Japan: 500JPY
Fore more information, please contact Finnair 03-4477-4866.