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Travelling via Finland

Transit restrictions may apply when you travel via Finland.

Please note that entry restrictions are subject to change on a short notice. As a traveller you are always responsible for ensuring that you fullfill the requirements of your destination and possible transit country. You can find the latest entry restrictions via local authorities’ website and appropriate consulate or embassy.  

Countries have been divided into categories. The category indicates if you can travel via Finland without any restrictions or whether restrictions apply. You can check the current restrictions from the Finnish Border Guard’s website.

Please note, that the Finnish Border Guard updates the country specific status once every two weeks, based on the number of coronavirus incidents in each country, which may change the status and category for the countries.

We guide you through the transfer at Helsinki Airport 

We do our best to make the transfer experience at Helsinki Airport pleasant and smooth for you. After you arrive in Helsinki, we ask you to remain in the transit area. Depending on your origin and destination countries, you may need to go through an additional border control at Helsinki Airport when transferring to your connecting flight. This applies also if you arrive from a Schengen country. If you exit from the transit area, you are required to follow restricted border controls in Finland. Please check more information for travelling to Finland here.  

Please note the maximum transit time at Helsinki Airport is 24 hours. You can check available services at Helsinki Airport here

The authorities at your destination, or transfer country, may ask you to show proof of the route you have travelled. Please have a copy of your itinerary with you and save your boarding passes from all flights as you may need to show them at some stage of your journey.  Kindly reserve some extra time to proceed to the gate of your connecting flight. You can check the departure gate for your next flight through airport monitors. At Helsinki Airport all flights depart from the same terminal building.

Additional coronavirus testing at Helsinki Airport

The Finnish health authority has decided that all customers arriving to Finland from restricted countries will be directed to a mandatory health check and a possible coronavirus testing as part of it upon arrival at Helsinki Airport. Health check and testing are optional but recommended, if you have a transfer flight from an international flight to another international flight. 

  • However, if you are transiting via Helsinki to China, you are required to go through a test at Helsinki Airport. Please read more information here.
  • If you are transferring from one non-Schengen flight to another non-Schengen flight, you are not directed to a health check or a coronavirus test. 
  • If you are travelling from England via Finland, please check more information from here.

You can find more information about testing at Helsinki airport here.

Further information

Please check your transit and final destination’s entry requirements. You can find the latest entry restrictions via the destination country's government website, or from the applicable Embassy or Consulate. 

Check your options here, if your travel plans change due to the travel restrictions.

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