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Levi sparks your soul all year round

Silence, purity and nature unlike anywhere else in the world – welcome to Levi and Kittilä in the Finnish Lapland!

Instead of four seasons, Levi introduces you to eight. The seasons are rooted in the culture of the ancient Sámi people and inhabitants of Lapland. To survive in the harsh Northern climate, they always needed to listen to the nature. What does crusted snow feel like under your feet? What do Northern Lights sound like? How does it look like when the autumn colours tinge the fells and forests with the hues of red and gold? No matter the season, visiting Levi will certainly be a unique experience. Like a miracle. You’re warmly welcome!

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Kittilä Airport

The airport is located about 5 km from Kittilä, 15 km from Levi and 35 km from Ylläsjärvi.

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