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Your perfect destination for a relaxing sun-soaked holiday

Malaga, the hometown of Picasso, is known for its clear blue skies and a beach that stretches on for miles. Although the town is a perfect destination for a relaxing seaside holiday, you’ll also find plenty of culture, different sporting events and fantastic local food.

The cuisine of Malaga is clearly influenced by the proximity of the Mediterranean. The port town boasts plenty of small restaurants dotted along the pier, each serving mouth-wateringly fresh seafood and local delicacies. All lovers of fish must try espetos, sardines skewered on a stick and grilled over a roaring open fire.

For those in want of a little dose of culture, Malaga offers many museums, architectural curiosities and events. You could, for example, pay a visit to Picasso’s childhood home that has since been beautifully restored and converted into a museum.

You’ll also find plenty of sporting activities around Malaga. In fact, it’s a great destination for those who want to combine a relaxing beach holiday with more physical activities. Costa del Sol boasts many international standard golf courses, and the countryside around Malaga is extremely well suited for cross-country cycling, trekking and even rock-climbing.

Airport information

Malaga International Airport

The airport is located 8 km southwest of Malaga.

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