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Destination guide to the city of colourful exuberance

Barcelona used to be an industrial city unknown to travellers until the 1992 Olympics changed everything. The oceanfront was converted into a huge entertainment district, and this magnificent capital of Catalonia gained worldwide publicity – one it truly deserves.

Barcelona today is an amazing combination of white sand and Catalonian culture. The Platja Barceloneta signals the start of a sand beach stretching over 10 kilometres, with charming restaurants and cafes. Each art museum is more impressive than the last, and they all boast works of art by masters such as Picasso, Dalí and Miró.

The city stands out in terms of its colourful architectural gems as well: Antoni Gaudí's modernistic creations give Barcelona a fairytale atmosphere that defines the city. Be sure to visit the impressive UNESCO World Heritage Sites of the Parc Güell park, the unfinished Basilica of the Sagrada Família church and the Casa Milà building.

Add into the mix the delicacies of the Catalonian cuisine and the tempting shopping streets of Borni, Gràcia and L’Eixample and you'll have a city destination you simply cannot miss.

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Barcelona Airport

The airport is located 13 km southwest of Barcelona.

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