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What to do in the city of business and luxury

Shanghai, the host of the Expo 2010 World Fair, is the hub of business and commerce in China, reinventing itself at an amazing pace. Just a couple of decades ago, a field covered the area in Pudong that now has a wealth of luxury hotels, banks and high-end shopping centres. Bund Boulevard, winding along the banks of the Huangpu River, is an excellent place to admire the neon-lit nighttime skyline of Shanghai. The buildings along the Boulevard date back to the British colonial era in the 1800s.

Bund Boulevard also features the highest quality restaurants of Shanghai, known for its excellent cuisine. You should also keep in mind the tea rooms and golden temples of the city. In fact, be sure to attend the International Shanghai Tea Festival if you’re in Shanghai in April.

When the weather is good, the Jinshan City Beach is the place to go to play beach sports, while traditional Chinese style can be admired at the Yuyuan Gardens. Shanghai is among the top two shopping cities with Hong Kong, so be sure to bring along an extra suitcase!

Airport information

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

The airport is located 30 km southeast of Shanghai.

  • Finnair flights: Terminal 2, area B
  • Check-in opens 3 hours before departure
  • Check-in closes 1 hour before departure

Passengers with oversized baggage, for example musical instruments or pets, need to check in at least 1 hour 20 minutes before departure.