Text and photo by Laura Iisalo.

Floating in an icy lake sounds extreme if not outright painful, but for intrepid adventurers snugly wrapped up in a custom-made ice rescue suit, the experience is either relaxing or fun. Depending on the bather, some like to dive right in, while others prefer taking their time to enjoy the weightless feeling.

“Many guests have to really push themselves to take the plunge in the middle of nowhere, but those who dare can experience an unforgettable connection with nature,” says Lotta Lonka, sales manager of events company Safartica.

Floating tours are organised daily in Rovaniemi and weekly in Ylläs, both popular destinations in Lapland. There’s also the option for “night floating,” offering lucky participants the chance to admire the magical Northern Lights, undoubtedly one of nature’s grandest shows.

This article was first published in the January 2017 issue of Finnair’s monthly in-flight magazine Blue Wings.