• Please notify us when you make your flight reservation to ensure that your bike fits on the flight.
  • If you already have a flight booking and you haven’t notified us about the bike, please fill in this form.
  • Please note that bicycle transportation cannot be confirmed in advance if your flight is operated with ATR aircraft.
  • A bike must be packed in a protective case which is meant for transportation of bicycles. Please note that if your bike is not packed appropriately, the airline may not accept it for transport and the liability in case of damage is limited.
  • The maximum weight for a bicycle is 23 kg. If your bike is heavier, heavy baggage fees apply (up to 32 kg).
  • Electric bikes cannot be transported as checked baggage, even if the battery is disconnected or removed.
  • The transportation fee is €75 or USD/CAD100 for long-haul flights, and €55 within Europe and the Middle East. For tandem bikes the fee is double. The fees are for flights in one direction. You can pay the transportation charge at the airport or in advance by filling in this form or by contacting Finnair.