We want to make traveling easy for you – also when you have special baggage with you. There are bunch of things that are good to know before starting your journey. We hope that you get started with the quick checklist below.


  • You can transport special baggage on our flights either as part of your regular baggage allowance, or for an extra charge depending on your baggage allowance, the number of bags you have with you and the size of your special baggage.
  • Special baggage is usually anything larger or heavier than standard baggage. A standard bag weighs a maximum of 23 kg/50 lb (Economy Class) and 32 kg/70 lb (Business Class) and its external dimensions (length+width+height) are no more than 158 cm/62 in.
  • If your sports equipment is packed to fit into the weight and size limits described above, it is considered one standard piece of baggage. Also, most musical instruments can be carried as part of the normal baggage allowance. You’ll find detailed information on carrying these items below.
  • You can book transportation for special baggage in advance by filling in the special baggage form or contacting Finnair Customer Service by chat or phone. This will ensure a hassle-free start for your journey.
  • We ask you to let us know about certain bigger special items in advance to make sure that there is room for your special baggage in the aircraft hold and that everything goes smoothly for you at the airport. You’ll find more information on these items below.
  • Please note that instructions for carrying special baggage vary between airlines. If your trip includes flights operated by other airlines, it is good to check their baggage regulations.

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