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Customer authentication for secure payments

To offer you even more secure online purchasing experience, we are gradually introducing secure, two-factor authentication in our purchase channels. 

What does the two-step authentication mean?

  • Besides giving your debit/credit card details, you may be asked for additional identity verification when paying for flights or other purchases in our purchase channels.  
  • In practice, you are directed to a service provided by your bank or credit card company to authenticate with personal credentials, like onetime SMS password or the bank’s key code app. The authentication method used depends on the bank or credit card issuer.  
  • This service reliably authenticates the merchant as well, so you can make online purchases with peace of mind. 

Secure, 2-factor authentication is introduced due to the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2), which is an EU wide regulation on secure remote payments.

The security standard is universally also called 3D Secure and it is provided by credit card companies and banks for online purchases with a credit or debit card. Services using this are called Verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, American Express Safekey. 

Payment secured by Mastercard, VISA, American Express

Is the two-step authentication required for all payments or is there a minimum price limit?

Certain payment channels and transactions are excluded from 2-factor authentication. Online transactions up to €30 or equivalent local currency won't require two-step authentication from the customer but there is a limit for 5 consecutive transactions or a total of €100. Authentication can always be prompted for other security reasons for any amount.

Are contactless payments onboard still possible?

Yes, contactless payments up to €25 are still possible onboard our flights. We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express credit cards for onboard payments up to €800. Occasionally, the payment terminal requires that the card is inserted and the PIN set. This is to ensure the card is in the possession of the right cardholder. For inflight purchases via Nordic Sky portal such as internet connection, you can use the debit and credit cards of Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. 

What can I do if my payment failed?

We are sorry to hear that your payment was unsuccessful. It's possible that the two-step authentication wasn't successful with your bank or credit card issuer. We recommend trying again with another payment method or contacting our Customer Service to finalise your purchase.

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