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Your journey to rewards — how to move up tiers and unlock benefits with Finnair Plus

Finnair Plus membership rewards you from the very beginning. Our program is designed to elevate your travel experience, and the more you travel, the more you benefit.

Basic tier as a starting point

Finnair Plus has five tiers in total, Finnair Plus Basic, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Platinum Lumo. When you join Finnair Plus, you start your journey at the Basic tier, and your personal one-year-long tracking period starts. When you collect enough tier points during your tracking period, you will move up to a higher tier and enjoy even more rewarding benefits.

Unlock tiers with tier points

When you join the program your personal tracking period starts. Your first tracking period ends after 12 full months, however, with the last day always being the last day of the month. For example, if you join our program on 8 May, your first tracking period will end next year on 31 May. After the first year, your new tracking period will start on the first day of the following month, in this case on 1 June, and ends after 12 full months. So, in this case, your tracking period starts on 1 June and lasts until 31 May. You can find your tracking period by logging in to your account either in the Finnair app or online on In your profile, you can also conveniently follow your tier progress. 

There are a few ways to collect tier points: from Finnair flights and travel extras, from oneworld flights, and with the Finnair Visa Credit card (available only in Finland).

The more tier points you collect during the tracking period, the higher the tier you move up to. The tier limit for Finnair Plus Silver is 15,000 tier points, for Finnair Plus Gold 45,000 tier points, for Finnair Plus Platinum 80,000 tier points and for Finnair Plus Platinum Lumo 300,000 tier points (of which 250,000 must be collected from Finnair flights).

Reaching tiers in practice

Let’s imagine you are on a Basic tier and your tracking period is 1 May – 30 April. You fly with us to some of your favourite destinations, and by February, you’ve already collected the 15,000 tier points to qualify for the Silver tier. Your Silver membership starts immediately and lasts until the end of your tracking period and the next twelve months, so in this case, 15 months in total (February, March, April + the next 12-month tracking period).

When your new tracking period starts on 1 May, your tier points will be reset to zero and you need to collect 15,000 tier points again to renew your Silver membership. If you collect 45,000 tier points, you will qualify for Finnair Plus Gold. If you’re not able to collect enough tier points during your tracking period to maintain your Silver membership or reach a higher tier you will become a Basic member again. 

If your tracking period is ending soon and you don’t have quite enough tier points to renew your tier membership before your tracking period ends, we have a tip for you: you can make up the difference by exchanging your Avios for tier points. The maximum number of tier points you can exchange is based on your tier status at the time of exchange.

Milestones – rewards within tiers

We made the tier progress even more rewarding with milestones. Milestones are tier point limits within your existing tier, and you’ll receive a reward when you reach these milestones. 

For example, a Silver milestone tier limit is 20,000 tier points, and you need 45,000 tier points to reach the Gold tier. If you calculate you won’t reach the Gold tier during your ongoing tracking period, you might still like to collect a few more tier points to reach the Silver milestone, as you will be rewarded with 2 lounge passes to Finnair lounges at Helsinki Airport.

It is good to know that you collect milestones only within your existing tier. So, for example, if you are a Finnair Plus Silver member you can collect milestones only from Silver tier. 

Higher tier brings more valuable benefits

We want to reward you for your loyalty, which is why each Finnair Plus tier brings you additional perks. On higher tiers, you collect more Avios and tier points and enjoy smoother travel. With Silver tier, for example, you can start to enjoy priority services and your multiplier for Avios and tier points is 7 instead of 6, meaning that you collect more Avios and tier points than on the Basic tier. On the Gold tier, you travel with even greater comfort with extra baggage allowance and access to lounges, and you also receive your first travel class upgrade benefits. The Platinum tier gives you all the previously mentioned benefits and, for example, the possibility of giving a Gold membership to your friend or family member for 12 months. Our pinnacle tier, Platinum Lumo is designed to give you the most exclusive travel experience, the opportunity to share the benefits with your family and friends, and much more.

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