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Entry requirements to China

The  Chinese authorities have introduced requirements for passengers arriving in mainland China.

Please note that travel restrictions are subject to change on short notice. As a traveller you are always responsible for ensuring that you fulfil the requirements of your destination and possible transit country. You can read more about the latest entry requirements here.

Coronavirus testing requirements when travelling from or via Helsinki to China

All customers travelling from or via Helsinki to China are required to hold negative coronavirus test results. Test requirements depend on where the customer has started his journey. If you start your journey from Finland, please check the latest entry requirements here.

For those who have recovered in less than 14 days, special conditions apply. You need to apply pre-review for a recovering person through Chinese authorities. Please check further information from here or from Chinese embassy or consulate.

Approved testing facilities

The coronavirus PCR tests shall be carried out at a facility designated or recognized by the overseas Chinese Embassy/Consulate in the country where you start your journey. If you are required to take two PCR tests, they can be taken in two institutions separately or the same one. If the two PCR tests are taken in the same institution, the two samples must be collected more than 24 hours apart  or samples must be detected with reagents from different producers. Please contact your local Chinese Embassy for details. For example, in Finland you can utilize our partner’s Terveystalo’s testing services.

Requirements for customers transferring at Helsinki Airport

Regardless of vaccination status, if you travel to China via Helsinki, you need to get tested for coronavirus and get a negative test result not only in the country of your departure but also at all your transit airports including Helsinki Airport, before continuing to your connecting flight to China. This does not apply to customers arriving in Helsinki on domestic flights. 

Until 29 October 2022, the minimum transfer time at Helsinki Airport is 16 hours, and the maximum transfer time is 24 hours. 

As of 30 October 2022, the transfer times are as follows:  

  • If you are connecting to Shanghai, the minimum transfer time is 9 hours 30 minutes, and the maximum transfer time is 24 hours. 
  • If you are connecting to Guangzhou, the minimum transfer time is 16 hours, and the maximum transfer time is 24 hours.   

Customers travelling via Helsinki to China are required to present two negative coronavirus PCR test results at every station during their journey. PCR test result must be obtained 24 hours before boarding.

We guide you through the transfer at Helsinki Airport  

We do our best to make the transfer experience at Helsinki Airport pleasant and smooth for you. We will organise the required testing services for transfer customers at Helsinki Airport with our healthcare service partner Terveystalo. You are required to purchase the tests in advance by contacting our Customer Service, providing there is at least 24 hours until your departure to China. The price of our Comfort test package is 500 € per person. Infants under 2 years need to be tested but will not be charged for the test and comfort package. Please note, we do not accept cash as a form of payment at the airport.

Our ground crew at Helsinki Airport will assist you with any questions during the time you spend at Helsinki Airport.

Your options for reservation changes if you are travelling to China via Helsinki

  • You can change your travel dates for later according to our flexible ticket change policy for bookings made latest on 31 May 2022. 
  • For bookings made from 1 June 2022 onwards, our normal ticket rules apply. Read more about the normal ticket rules here and our ticket types and their benefits here

Check your options for reservation changes here if you are travelling to China directly from Helsinki. If you booked your ticket through a travel agency or a tour operator, please contact them to make changes to your reservation. If you booked your ticket through Finnair, our customer service can assist you and we are at your service also via chat on our website or Finnair App. We are sorry that our customer service may be congested. 

Health and safety measures during boarding and onboard

It is good to know that your temperature will be scanned at the departure gate in Helsinki. Those not fulfilling the health requirements set by the Chinese health authorities and those showing symptoms of coronavirus will be denied boarding. Random temperature scanning is also possible during the flight. 

Wearing a face mask on our flight is optional, unless it is specifically required by the authorities of your destination or origin country or the operating airline of your flight. Please read more here.

Further information

You can find the latest entry restrictions via the destination country's government website, or from the applicable Embassy or Consulate.

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