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Going for Gold: Planning dream vacations with Finnair Plus points

While it may not be possible to travel right now, that doesn’t mean you don’t have to dream of luxury flights to far off destinations. For Finnair Plus members, the past year has been an opportunity to buy additional Finnair Plus awards points and get themselves ready for amazing travel experiences when restrictions ease.

Finnair Plus Digicards

In November 2020, Finnair ran its most successful ever points campaign, showing that even while travel remains limited, members are still keen to rack up points and look forward to the future. 

During the two week long campaign, members could buy Finnair Plus award points and earn up to 100 percent bonus award points, as well as 25 percent bonus tier points on the total award point transaction. So a purchase of 150,000 award points meant securing another 150,000 award points as a bonus and a further 75,000 bonus tier points. 3,000 people bought points, with an average transaction of 72,000 award points.

“The November points campaign was our most successful ever by some distance and showed that members are very hungry to invest in future travels and status, despite the current situation,” says Karolina Baszarkiewicz, Head of Finnair Loyalty.

“It shows that members believe in the future of Finnair and air travel and they want to invest now in order to save later. Award points will never expire if you have a single points transaction at least every 18 months.”

By buying new points, members were able to move through the different membership tiers and gain extra benefits, such as priority check-in, priority security at the airport, free internet access in the air and additional baggage allowance. “Members were able to jump from basic membership to Gold status thanks to the tier points on offer with this campaign,” adds Karolina.

Members can spend their award points on upgrades, lounge access and award flights. We caught up with three Finnair Plus members to see how they plan to use their points once travel restrictions ease.

Sami Blomberg

Sami Blomberg, General Manager of Aventura, a tour operator based in Helsinki

I am definitely going to get myself business class flights to somewhere warm. It has been a long dark and cold period here in the North so I want to travel somewhere close to the equator where it’s warm and sunny all the time or to the southern hemisphere if it’s still winter here when I get the chance to go away.

I usually use my points for long haul upgrades only, but my dream destination is French Polynesia and Tetiaroa Island. So when I can I will get myself business class rewards flights to Tahiti and explore the different, beautiful French Polynesian islands

First, though, I want to travel to New York. It has an important place in my heart. I usually visit a few times a year. It has been too long since my last visit in January 2020.

Mel Jovanen

Melissa Jovanen, small business owner based in Northern Finland

My hobby is scuba diving and I miss warm, tropical waters. My top three places to visit once restrictions are lifted are Tenerife, Thailand, and Bali

Instead of using points for myself, I prefer booking flights for family and friends to visit me in Finland or to join me on holiday elsewhere. 

I miss traveling to warm destinations and also miss my family who live in Canada. As soon as restrictions are lifted, I think the best use of my points would be to buy tickets for my family to a warm destination like Tenerife. That way I can have both a family visit and a beach holiday.

Lassi Jatkola (credit Matti Savolainen)

Credit Matti Savolainen

Lassi Jatkola, Service Lead with a passion for traveling and aviation, based in Helsinki

Finnair has been great in these difficult times, supporting their most loyal members by extending their tier periods. With the award points, upgrade vouchers and platinum status attained with the recent campaigns, and a Finnair Plus Mastercard, I'm planning to travel to Japan when possible. The plan is to fly in business class with points by combining Two-for-One Classic award and business upgrade vouchers.

Previously I have used most of my points towards upgrades, but now my status includes vouchers which I can use for the upgrades. So I'm looking into opportunities for using my points towards award flights. Reykjavik, Minsk, London and Dubai are at the top of my list for shorter holidays.

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