Hotel options for Finnair Holidays trips

To make it easier for you to select the perfect hotel, our partner has divided our hotels into different categories. You can see all available hotel options for each city on the destination pages.

Hotel ratings

The hotels’ own rating compares the hotels in a single destination according to the local quality. However, it might not be the same as the hotel’s local rating.

★★★★★ 5 stars
Very high quality

★★★★ 4 stars
Higher mid-range

★★★ 3 stars
Mid-range, destination’s average

★★ 2 stars
Lower mid-range, below average

★ 1 star
Very modest, clearly below destination’s average

The hotel’s local rating will be shown in the hotel information when available. The hotel rating is affected by several factors, such as available services, hotel’s overall condition and room features. Please note that a local rating is not available in all countries, Finland for example. 

Accommodation options    

In a HOTEL you will have a double or twin room without a kitchen. The hotel will usually have restaurant services available.

In an APARTMENT HOTEL the services are limited and there is less staff available than in a hotel. Some of the apartment hotels might not have a reception and the service might not include cleaning. 

A VILLA is in a quiet location outside the city center. A spacious villa can accommodate a larger group of travellers. 

A BUNGALOW is a duplex or a separate building with one or two floors. It is equipped similarly as the apartment hotels. In Asia, bungalows are often similar to hotel rooms with no cooking possibilities. 

Hotel images are examples and the rooms and apartments might differ from them. Possible views, such as sea or pool view are clearly visible in the name of the room type in the hotel information and in your trip confirmation.

The room sizes indicated in the hotel information are estimations.