Tokyo – a holiday in the world’s greatest metropolis


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The web of lines in many different colours form an enormous pattern. The image is both confusing and fascinating: can you possible make any sense of this? The Tokyo Subway Route Map is like a work of modern art. And so is Tokyo itself: huge, packed to the hilt and incredibly intriguing.


The metropolis of 38 million people is not so much a destination for seeing specific sights as for exploring the different city districts, each with its own unique character. In Shibuya, you stop and watch the spectacle of a crossing with throngs of people crossing the road from different directions all at once. In Harajuku, you marvel at the surreal cosplay and Elvis characters. Akihabara’s huge department stores full of electronics and manga merchandise defy belief. Shinjuku is where you go to while away the evening in the small bars of the area of Golden Gai right next to the city’s skyscrapers. Shimokitazawa is the hangout of Tokyo’s bohemian alternative crowd.


A holiday in Tokyo is in many ways a trip into the future of humanity. If you’ve ever wondered what it is like to live in world ram-packed with people, the answer can be found in Tokyo: very colourful.

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Good to know about Tokyo


The business idea of the Ore-no restaurant chain is ingenious: sell gourmet-standard food at a reasonable price but serve it to customers while they stand to keep the turnover high. The team of chefs at the Ore-no Kappou restaurant in Ginza is headed by the celebrity chef Hiroshi Shimada.


O-Edo onsen monogatari spa is like a theme park. Dressed in yukatas, the guests stroll from stall to stall. One sells noodles, the other one beer and chicken on skewer. The hot springs make the outdoor air steam up. In between taking baths, you can try your hand at throwing ninja stars or shooting a slingshot, or consult a fortune teller. 


Which Japanese fashion designers are hot at the moment? Look for Limi Feu, Tae Ashida, Akira Isogawa, Yoshio Kubo, Yu Amatsu, Toshikazu Iwaya, Yuma Koshino, Yuki Torii or Shigeki Morino. Their designs borrow inspiration from the east and the west.

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