Singapore – holiday in the city of miracles


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An artificial mountain sits within a gigantic dome, growing inside a cloud forest covered in mist. The futuristic super trees are as tall as 50 metres. The botanical gardens, Gardens by the Bay, are one of Singapore’s many wonders.


Astounding. That is the word that best describes Singapore. Singapore is home to dizzying skyscrapers standing beside orderly rows of old, colourful Chinese houses. Singapore boasts sandy beaches and flying lemurs living in the pristine rain forest.


For culture enthusiasts, Singapore has the best museums in Southeast Asia. Families will love the amusement parks and the world’s greatest zoo. The shopping malls around Orchard Road is a shopper’s paradise. Partygoers will be surprised by the vibrancy of Singapore’s night life. Great food is served on every corner.


As a holiday destination, Singapore is truly a city of miracles.

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Good to know about Singapore


The food stalls at Hong Lim Market & Food Centre offer Chinese, Malaysian and Indian flavours. Occupying two floors, the food market offers a wide variety of options, from seafood to noodles and from dim sum to dumplings. Go for the one with the longest queue – and enjoy!


Gardens by the Bay is an incredible showcase of gardening with things to see and experience for a whole day. Spread over more than a hundred hectares, some of the garden is under the domes of the glasshouses, while some plants grow vertically on tree-shaped structures that seem to reach the heavens. The colour display can also be admired form the walkways built near the tree tops.


The atelier of the fashion label Ong Shunmugam, established by the Singaporean designer Priscilla Shunmugam, provides a unique window into modern Asian fashion, playing with bright colours, prints and modern design. Seen working through a glass wall, the seamstresses create the garments by hand to the exacting standards of the label.

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