Seoul – holiday in Asia’s trendiest city

South Korea

Created by Mondo for Finnair

The table is laden with dozens of delicious treats in small bowls. In the middle there is a grill sizzling with thin strips of meat. Diners pick delicious morsels of meat and wrap them in fresh lettuce together with garlic and chilli sauce.  Every meal in Seoul is a feast of flavours.

No wonder that Korean cuisine is popular throughout Asia. Korean pop culture, fashion, and phones have been equally successful. This has made Soul the continent’s trendiest holiday destination.

But Seoul is much more than shopping centres and opulent design centres. History is present everywhere. The old Grand Palaces in the centre of Seoul are among its most fascinating attractions, with gnarled pine trees hiding the skyscrapers. The city has also preserved several blocks of the traditional hanok houses with intimate restaurants and boutiques.

Prices in Seoul are perhaps surprisingly affordable. Dining and shopping in the city is easy on the wallet. So why wait? Take a trip to Seoul, the city of varying rhythms.

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