Holiday in Rome – antiquities and the present day


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The street is only short, but it leads you far into history. At the end of the narrow Via del Pantheon, a row of columns and pediment of a magnificent entrance can be seen. Stepping inside gives a sense of vertigo. The astoundingly beautiful dome of the Pantheon arches high above. The oculus in the middle of the dome lets in a divine beam of light. Periods of history rush before your eyes. This very view was admired by Ancient Romans.


Colosseum, Forum Romanum, St Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel. Rome abounds with great sights, but the Pantheon, “the temple to all the gods”, is perhaps the best place to appreciate the history of the Eternal City. The temple was converted into a church in 608 AD, and it has been preserved intact, a perfect window into antiquity.


How about the Rome of today? That can be explored in the futuristic National Museum of 21st Century Arts, MAXXI, designed by the starchitect Zaha Hadid, or by taking a metro to Pigneto, the hipster central of Rome. The restaurants and bars of this edgy district are proof that on a city break in the Eternal City, the present day is also strongly felt.

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Good to know about Rome


Rome is filled with romantic restaurants, but you can also eat dinner on a tram, listening to a jazz band. The route of the old Tramjazz runs along the eastern edge of central Rome all the way to the Colosseum. Dinner is made from the ingredients typical of the Lazio region and enjoyed in candle light.


Did you know that you can bathe in a hammam built in the ruins of ancient Rome, right in the middle of the city? Escape the noise and traffic of the busy streets into tranquility under the vaulted ceilings of AcquaMadre hammam. Relax in the warmth of the steam room, the refreshing waters of underground pools and a massage.


If you want to dress like a Roman dandy, or watch some in action, pay a visit to George’s, a gentlemen’s outfitter in central Rome. At George’s, orderly rows of jackets and trousers hang on the rails, with shirts, shoes and ties neatly on their shelves. This shop is all about style, and even the sales assistants look like they came straight from the catwalk.

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