Reykjavík – holiday in a city of natural wonders


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In a whole in the ground, water starts to ripple. The surface grows into a ball and a column of water spouts high into the air. The wind catches hold of the water and carries it away like an imposing ghost. That was Strokkur erupting. A holiday in Reykjavík and seeing the natural wonders of Iceland are truly an experience.


Besides geysers, a day trip is long enough to see bubbling mud pools, amazing waterfalls and the rift that separates the American and Eurasian tectonic plates. Reykjavík serves as a great base for hikers.


When back from the day’s trip, meet up and compare notes in the lively city centre of Reykjavík. Reykjavík is a quaint small town, but despite its size it offers a vibrant option as a city break destination. If nothing else, the busy night life in Reykjavík’s restaurants and bars will prove to you that Icelanders, the descendants of the fierce Vikings, know how to live life.

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Good to know about Reykjavik


Dill Restaurant is where some of Iceland’s best chefs are making their mark. This small but ambitious restaurant focuses on Icelandic ingredients, which are allowed to come unto their own in the menu. Try lamb heart with skyr and potatoes or fresh tusk served with kale and garlic. The menu changes daily.


Outdoor baths are meeting places for Icelanders: people meet there with friends and chat and chill out in the pools for hours. One of the best outdoor baths in Reykjavik  Vesturbæjarlaug, is a 15-minute walk from the city centre. Swim under the blue sky, enjoy the sauna and soak in one of the outdoor jacuzzis!


The best record shop in Reykjavik 12 Tónar sells local new releases and music by the best-known Icelandic music makers. The shop has a cool vibe, very knowledgeable staff and it doubles as a meeting place for musicians. Before making your purchases you can lounge on the sofas and listen to some music downstairs.

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