Jakarta – holiday in the heart of Indonesia


Created by Mondo for Finnair

Buddha statues at the magnificent Borobudur temple. Ancient Javanese gold objects. Tribal treasures from Sumatra, Borneo, Sulawesi and Papua. The National Museum of Indonesia is Jakarta’s most impressive attraction – the museum takes you on a breathtaking journey throughout Indonesia. 

Outside the museum, modern Jakarta sprawls in all directions. Skyscrapers reach towards the sky and the shopping centres are full of busy shoppers. At first glance, Jakarta seems like a chaotic megacity, but next to the skyscrapers there are many interesting neighbourhoods, such as the picturesque old town built by the Dutch, Kota Tua or Old Batavia, which brings echoes of its colonial past under the East India Company. 

Jakarta has a busy and colourful night life that, according to those familiar with Southeast Asia, even beats Bangkok. In no other place does modern Indonesia come to life as it does in Jakarta.

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