Havana – a city in creative transition


Created by Mondo for Finnair

The wall of the bar is not adorned by Che Guevara but a pop-art painting of Amy Winehouse. The clientèle consists of tourists and trendy locals. The ceviche is top notch. The days when anything more than bean stew was difficult to find in Havana’s restaurants are long gone. The colourful houses of Havana’s old town are restored to their former glory. 

Havana is in a transition of the most creative kind. The first design boutiques have opened and the city is full of galleries and cafés. Boring retail chains as well as glaring commercial neon lights are still happily absent from the city scenery. 

The core of Havana’s inimitable feel is still intact. Wandering along the alleyways of the old town, travellers can still witness the daily life of Havana. Many buildings are still dilapidated. Life spills onto the streets, where people play dominoes and strum their guitars. Neighbours catch up by shouting from their balconies while hanging their washing. Classic cars glide by along the streets.

It’s as if Havana has finally woken up from its 50 years of slumber, but is still not fully awake and exists somewhere between dream and reality. As a place to visit, Havana is at its best right now.

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