Dubrovnik – a holiday in the middle of captivating beauty and history


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The picture perfect, whitewashed city stands on a small peninsula sheltered by massive walls, with orange roofs glowing in the sun. All around, you see the glistening blue sea. This is what a holiday in Dubrovnik is like.


The best restaurants in Dubrovnik are located in the old town and the district of Labad.  In addition to seafood, the region is food for the soul, so beautiful is the city. The beauty of Dubrovnik was also clear to the makers of Game of Thrones, who chose the city as the location for King’s Landing, the capital of Westeros. 


A visitor to Dubrovnik will also be captivated by its history. The formidable 500-year-old walls protected it against invaders and the city, known then as the Republic of Ragusa, flourished as an independent maritime power. The head of the state of Ragusa, the Rector, was elected for a month at a time and would have to move into seclusion in the Rector’s Palace so that he could not use his powers for his own personal benefit.


In Dubrovnik, fact is stranger than fiction.

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Good to know about Dubrovnik


Located by a beautiful town square, Restaurant Kopun serves traditional Croatian cuisine with a modern twist at reasonable prices. The menu includes a tempting mix of Italian and Balkan flavours: fish and seafood, grilled fresh and seasoned with garlic.


The small island of Lokrum used to be home to a monastery. The crossing from Dubrovnik only takes ten minutes, but you can easily spend a whole day on the island. Don’t miss the nature reserve and botanical gardens. Climb down to the sea via a ladder from the high cliffs.


Buy your culinary souvenirs from Uje, a shop specialising in Croatian olive oil Try the lemon-flavoured olive oil, sweet roasted almonds and fig conserve. The products are sold in pretty packages.

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