Dublin – a holiday in the capital of Irish pubs


Created by Mondo for Finnair

On a holiday in Dublin, you will soon find out that drinking Guinness is an art form. Don’t expect to be handed your pint immediately. The bar tender will pour your glass half way, then leave it standing on the counter for a minute or two. The coffee-brown stout starts to bubble and turn a deep black.


Only now will the bar tender pour the rest of the glass and hand it over. But you still can’t touch it. It will taste better if you let is rest for a while longer. Guinness does taste better on its home turf of Ireland than anywhere else.


Irish pubs have cropped up all over the world, but when in Dublin, you must experience what an authentic Irish pub is all about. And you have plenty of options: there are more than 700 pubs in Dublin. In addition to tasting Guinness or one of the Irish micro breweries, Dublin pubs will also show you a good craic, the truly Irish concept for fun and enjoyment. Someone will grab a guitar.


Music is everywhere in Dublin: spontaneous sessions break out in the middle of the afternoon and the Temple Bar district, which is also popular as an attraction in itself, is famous for its buskers. A city break in Dublin is barrels of fun on so many levels.

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