Delhi – a holiday in the city of the Great Mughals


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The colossal walls of the Red Fort rise high before you. From the extravagant palace buildings behind these fortifications, the Mughal emperors ruled India before the arrival of the British. The massive walls bear witness to the military prowess of the Mughal emperors, and the ornately decorated palaces show their sophistication. In the Mughal courts, poetry, music and art flourished.


The most impressive attractions in Delhi date from the era of the Great Mughals. At the heart of Old Delhi stands the beautiful Jama Masjid, India’s largest mosque. Around the mosque spreads the fascinatingly chaotic and labyrinthine Old Delhi.


But if you expect the hustle and bustle of the Indian way of life to be all that Delhi is, you are mistaken. Delhi is also about wide, leafy colonial boulevards and handsome villas. Sprinkled throughout the city centre are magnificent Mughal mausoleums, with tranquil parks where your mind can freely wonder to bygone days.


A holiday in Delhi is crowned by a stay in one of the many glamorous hotels that would make even a Mughal emperor feel at home.

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