Berlin – a city break in the bohemian capital of Europe


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Brezhnev and Honecker, locked in the eternal Fraternal Kiss on the preserved section of the Berlin Wall. Countless visiting couples have posed in front of the graffiti to immortalise their own kiss.


The graffiti, which is based on an iconic photograph, has become one of Berlin’s most popular attractions, although otherwise the division of the city into East and West is now only a distant memory. A section of the wall, about a kilometre long, has been preserved and transformed into an art display as the East Side Gallery on the eastern bank of the river Spree.


Berlin has become the most bohemian of European capitals that lives in a constant state of flux. The title of trendiest city district changes hands frequently, giving way to gentrification and taking Berlin’s best restaurants, cafés and bars to other quarters.


Is lively Kreuzberg the place to be or has Neukölln already surpassed it? You will have to see for yourself. Berlin is a made for urban explorers.

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Good to know about Berlin


What does vegan kebab taste like? You can find out at Vöner, which is the name of this establishment and its best-selling dish. A large rotating kebab is sizzling away in the kitchen, its recipe a closely guarded secret. It contains at least seitan, chickpeas, vegetables and herbs. The taste and consistency are much like in meat kebab, but it is all vegetable that simply melts in your mouth.


Can we dare you to take a ride on an open underground carriage? Welcome to a guided tour of the Berlin underground! Participants are given yellow hard hats and seated on short, open underground carriages. This train does not stop at every station. Hold on to your hat and keep your hands inside the carriage. The tour takes two hours and is organised every other Friday.


If you are looking for amazing vintage finds at a bargain price, you need to make your way to Das Neue Schwarz. A vintage shop specialising in luxury labels, you may find Balenciaga, Prada or just those shoes that you had the sense of not buying at their full price.

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