Service charges – Finnair Holidays


Credit card fees

American Express 2,3%/payment transaction

Booking fee of the travel package

€ 15/booking

Separately booked additional services e.g. transfer

€ 15/booking

Service fee, change/cancellation of the tour package

€ 100/person

Name correction

€ 30/person

Name change in ticket types which allow it

€ 75/ € 200/person

Flight ticket change

€ 25/person

Separately changed/cancelled additional service

€ 25/booking

Separately changed hotel

€ 25/person

Electronic ticket receipt/Emd receipt after the trip

€ 10/booking

Certificates (e.g. for insurance companies)

€ 10/person

Travel documents posting fee

€ 15/booking

Connecting flight

€ 35/person

Payment method change

€ 25/booking

The charges in the price list are Travel Agency Services, AVL 80§, 24%.

Service charges are non-refundable. Service provider fees from e.g. hotels and airlines are also charged, if applicable. Package tours are governed by the General terms for package tours as well as the Finnair Holidays additional and special conditions.

Price list for additional travel services for Finnair’s flights

List of service charges has been updated 22nd of March 2018.

Aurinkomatkat Oy – Suntours Ltd Ab reserves the right to make changes to the service charges.