Vienna – a holiday in the home of coffee house culture


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Stepping into a Viennese coffee house is like stepping into another time. The most traditional of Vienna’s coffee houses have barely changed since the early 1900s, when they were patronised by such figures as Freud, Egon Schiele and other persons of note. Many had their mail redirected to their favourite coffee house.


In Viennese coffee houses, it is expected, and allowed, that you take your time drinking your coffee. A quick cuppa is not even possible, thanks to the waiters who will be slow to take your order and even slower to bring your bill. The waiters are the masters of Viennese coffee house culture, making sure that you do not rush your coffee. The coffee will eventually arrive, preferably on a pretty silver tray, possibly accompanied by a slice of Sachertorte.


A holiday in Vienna is, of course, about much more than visiting coffee houses. It is also a city of palaces and music, especially the waltz. But nowhere else is the social role of coffee houses as important as here: Viennese coffee house culture has even been included in the UNESCO list of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Austria.

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