Sydney – holiday in the wonderful city by the seaside


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You can’t help loving the building. It looks different from every angle. You could admire the contours of the building forever and contemplate what they mean. Opened in 1973, the Sydney Opera House is a perfect example of the power of architecture: the building gave a face to urban Australia.


Today, you can’t think about Sydney without its iconic opera house. But it is not Sydney’s only architectural wonder. The Harbour Bridge crossing Sydney Harbour is more than one kilometre long, and was a feat of engineering in its time. Visitors can climb to the top of the pylons of the 1930s bridge for an unforgettable view over the harbour.


Sydney grew around its impressive natural harbour, which still remains the centre of the city. Many of Sydney’s attractions, cultural venues, shops and night spots are near the harbour.


However, it is worth stepping outside the Sydney Harbour area for a day and heading to Bondi Beach. One the world’s most famous sandy beaches, Bondi is perfect for fun in the waves and for trying your hand at surfing. No other city is more maritime than Sydney.

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