Prague – a holiday in a city of beer, art and so many stories

Czech Republic

Created by Mondo for Finnair

You know you’re in Prague when you see something weird. It might be a red skull rotating on a rooftop, or a zeppelin made of wood and glass perched on a building. Or something completely different. At DOX, the Centre for Contemporary Art in Prague, nothing else is permanent except its ability to take you by surprise. A city break in Prague can be just as full of surprises.


As pretty as the old centre of Prague, the Charles Bridge and the Prague Castle are, it is well worth the trouble to venture out to other areas. Holešovice and Letná are upcoming and intriguing districts, located next to each other and accessible by tram. In addition to the Centre for Contemporary Art DOX, the areas boast the most interesting cafés and pubs in Prague, full of the authentic atmosphere of Prague.


Another impressive cultural point of interest in Prague is Veletržní Palác, housing the modern art collection of the National Gallery. The museum displays Czech art from Symbolism to Surrealism alongside fashion, furniture and tableware from the same eras, creating a vivid historical context for the exhibits.

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