Las Vegas – a holiday in the city of opulence


Created by Mondo for Finnair

Everyone has an image of Las Vegas and knows to expect something grandiose and unexpected. And yet when you arrive, you have to pinch yourself. Is this real? A huge pyramid with a giant beam of light shooting into space. A volcano that keeps erupting from time to time. St Mark’s Clock Tower and Rialto Bridge. The Statue of Liberty and the 1940s skyscrapers of New York, with a roller coaster running through it.

And have you already seen CityCenter, the most expensive development in the history of Las Vegas? Opened in 2009, the luxury hotel and shopping complex represents the new, more toned down style of Las Vegas with none of the usual themed decorations. Las Vegas is a city that never stops.

Even if you are into gambling, Las Vegas has to be seen and experienced. The over-the-top casinos are the main attraction in Las Vegas, but the city also pulls huge numbers of visitors with its wild nightlife and spectacular shows. Las Vegas also offers unforgettable nature experiences: it is a great base for a day trip to the Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

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