Holiday in Hong Kong – love at first sight

Hong Kong, China

Created by Mondo for Finnair

A throng of Skyscrapers, each more extraordinary than the next, stands side by side in Hong Kong’s business district. One may look like a robot, the one beside it like a gigantic grasshopper. Seen from the Kowloon seaside boulevard, the skyline is unbelievably beautiful: skyscrapers squeezed between the sea and the mountains.


The price level in Hong Kong is a pleasant surprise. Food is cheap in the local restaurants, and many of the best things in Hong Kong are nearly free. Crossing the harbour on the traditional Star Ferry and people watching in the shopping area Mong Kok.


The biggest surprise is how much green space there is in this densely built metropolis. Half of Hong Kong’s area is protected as nature parks. On your holiday in Hong Kong, you can swim in a deserted beach and hike along forest paths in the mountains. The surrounding islands are dotted with small villages.


Hong Kong is a city that you’ll fall in love with at first sight. The feeling only deepens on later visits, since Hong Kong always has something new to offer.

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Good to know about Hong Kong


A true friend of dim sum will love One Dim Sum, known for its delicious food and reasonable prices. There is always a queue in front of this tiny, authentic restaurant and it is favoured by the locals.


The fishing village of Tai O on Lantau Island is known for its old stilt houses. It feels like time has stopped in this peaceful fishing community. Eat a portion of fish for lunch from the street food stall and drop in to the village temple for a great spiritual atmosphere. 


Times Square is unbeatable for its location and selections, housing all major European, American and Asian brands from Tiffany & Co diamonds to Chanel and Shanghai Tang silk. The shopping centre also has loads of restaurants and other services. 

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