Ho Chi Minh City – a holiday in the fascinating Vietnamese metropolis


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Beautiful old administrative palaces and shiny new skyscrapers stand side by side on long green boulevards. Villas dating the from the French colonial period are now taken over by cosy cafés. In Ho Chi Minh City the past and the present meet, including the city’s name. The historical town centre of Ho Chi Minh City is still known by the locals as Saigon.

The best thing about Ho Chi Minh City is its rhythm. There are so many motorbikes that crossing the street is an adventure of its own. Motorbikes outside the historical market hall are piled with loads defying belief. The streets are lined with street food stalls and restaurants, all serving the most delicious food. Shopping alleys are a treasure trove of finds. The night life is busy.

However, the hectic city has its oases. Old men gather early in the morning in parks to show off their songbirds. The temples are fragrant with calming incense.

Ho Chi Minh City is one the most beautiful metropolises in Asia and the most fascinating city break destination in Vietnam.  

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Good to know about Ho Chi Minh City


The best pho in town is served at Pho Hoa Pasteur, Vietnam’s most renowned noodle restaurant. With seats on two floors, the restaurant has operated for 40 years. The menu is simple: it’s either a small or a large bowl of pho soup. It’s more expensive here than in the neighbouring restaurants, but is worth the extra.


War Remnants Museum is not about the heroes of the Vietnam War. It presents the war and its repercussions through the eyes of the Vietnamese. The country, which became a battle field of the Cold War, suffered from the use of chemical weapons, among many other atrocities. The outside spaces display war technology, such as fighter aircrafts and tanks.


Ben Thanh Market is the best place to get experience an authentic Vietnamese shopping atmosphere. The market stalls sell wooden, lacquered objects, embroidered textiles, souvenirs, fabrics, spices, fruit – you name it. Browse, haggle and buy to your heart’s content!

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