Edinburgh – a holiday in a city where nature and culture meet

United Kingdom

Created by Mondo for Finnair

The rising sun gilds Edinburgh Castle, the place of countless ghost stories. The rooftops around the castle glow in different shades of orange. The Firth of Forth glistens further away. This view alone was worth travelling to Edinburgh and getting up for with the sun!


A hike on top of Arthur’s Seat, a volcano extinct for millions of years, will take you to see breathtaking views over Edinburgh. This is Scotland: dramatic landscapes, fascinating stories and urban culture shaped by nature and the human hand.


Edinburgh is also a great city for culture and sightseeing – whether in terms of world-class art galleries or sampling some Scotch whisky in a traditional pub.


In the midst of all the natural beauty and culture, Edinburgh is understandably one of the most sought-after places to live in the UK – and the country’s second most popular tourist destination after London.

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