Brussels – a holiday in the capital of chocolate


Created by Mondo for Finnair

A city where eating fine chocolates is almost compulsory. What’s not to love! The praline was invented in Brussels in 1912 when the son of a Swizz pharmacist, Jean Neuhaus, decided to decorate and insert his chocolates with delicious fillings. Until then, chocolate had been sold mainly at pharmacies alongside medicines.


The original Neuhaus praline shop still stands where it was first established, in the opulent shopping arcade Les Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert. Opened in 1847, the arcade is located next door to the main square of Brussels, Grand-Place. Grand-Place is considered by many the most beautiful town square in the world.


The culinary experiences in Brussels are naturally not only limited to chocolate: the capital of Europe is a gourmand’s paradise. Not to be missed on your holiday: Belgian beers, genuine Brussels waffles, and the national dish of Belgium, moules et frites, mussels and chips.


It is said that Belgian food is French food served in German portions. There is no better example of European unity than that!

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