Welcome to a world of entertainment

We have great things to keep you entertained throughout your flight. On our intercontinental flights you have access to a wide range of movies, TV series, music and games through our Nordic Sky Entertainment system.

We also offer a complimentary Nordic Sky portal on our intercontinental flights and most of our flights in Europe and the Middle East where you can, for example, access newspapers and magazines with your own device. You can also purchase internet access through the Nordic Sky portal.

The Proposal

McFarland, USA

Avengers: Age of Ultron

500 Days of Summer

Wreck-It Ralph

How I Met Your Mother

Big Hero 6 The Series

Destination Extreme

Harley Quinn

Sara's new Nordic Kitchen

Internet connection

Purchase internet access on board your flight through the Nordic Sky portal or in advance via Manage booking.

digital newspapers and magazines

Access a large variety of publications in different languages including English, Finnish, Swedish, Chinese and Japanese.

Destination services

Read information about your destination or book services and activities for your holiday through the Nordic Sky portal.

Pre-order tax free products

Shop from our wide variety of tax-free cosmetics, beverages, confectionery and more. The products will be waiting for you on your return flight.

Rock Gods

Classical Calm

Jazz Legends

Sounds of Scandinavia

This is Finland!

Angry Birds World Tour


Bejeweled® 2

Disney's Classic Games


More services on Nordic Sky Entertainment

Flight details

Get up to date information on how much time there is left on your flight and what your estimated time of arrival is.

Connecting flights

We offer you real time information on your connecting flights – when your flight is scheduled to leave, where it leaves from and how to get there easiest.

Route maps & cameras

Keep an eye on your route and follow along in real time throughout your flight.

Snacks & drinks

Feeling peckish? Order our tasty snacks and drinks from our on-board menu right to your seat from the Nordic Sky Entertainment system with ease.

Customer care

Our customer care is conveniently at your disposal through the Nordic Sky portal. We’re happy to help!