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Entry requirements to Denmark

The Danish authorities have introduced requirements for passengers arriving in Denmark.

Please note: To see the latest entry restrictions we kindly advise you to go to  Travelling to/within Europe -website.

The Danish authorities currently allow unrestricted entry for nationals and residents of most Schengen and EU countries, with a few exceptions. The Danish authorities update the list of approved countries on a weekly basis based on the COVID-19 situation in each country.

  • To be allowed to enter Denmark, nationals of Nordic countries are required to hold a valid passport, national ID-card or a driver’s license that reflects the nationality of the holder.
  • Residents of the approved countries must fulfil the following requirements: valid passport, proof of residing in the approved country; for third-country nationals that would mean a residence permit or long term visa; for EU/Schengen nationals that would mean for example a health insurance card issued by the country of residence (e.g. a KELA-card for persons residing in Finland).

For more information, we recommend you visit the Danish Police webpage

If your travel plans change due to the travel restrictions, please check your options here.

Please note:

Entry restrictions might be subject to change on short notice. All customers are responsible for ensuring that they are allowed entry into the country they are travelling from, to or are in transit through.

Latest entry restrictions can be found via the IATA website and appropriate consulate or embassy.

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