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Finnair Plus Junior

We will introduce changes to the Finnair Plus program in early 2024.

Children from 2 to 17 years old can join Finnair Plus as Junior members. Membership is free of charge. As a Finnair Plus Junior member, you can collect Finnair Plus points and achieve tiers.

When you fly with Finnair or other oneworld airlines, you’ll earn two types of points: Tier points and award points.

Tier points allow you to move up through the Finnair Plus membership tiers and award points can be used to redeem many kinds of valuable rewards.

In addition, you can collect entries for your flights in the Logbook. After ten entries, we will thank you by sending you a reward. You can print the Logbook here (opens PDF document).

The Finnair Plus Junior card is valid until the Junior member turns 18 years old. Please note that points cannot be transferred to a Junior account.

Join Finnair Plus Junior
  • Earn tier points and award points
  • Take advantage of member offers
  • Enjoy our great selection of rewards and benefits
  • Award points you collect are valid for the duration of the Junior membership
  • When you have logs from ten Finnair flights in your Logbook (opens PDF document)
, you can send it to us, and we will send you a small gift in return.
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