Finland needs travel.


Finnair's blue and white wings have flown people around the world and back home with care for decades. Not only is aviation essential to international trade and diplomacy, it also brings different people and cultures together. Finland has always needed travel – and it still does.

We are ready when you are.

Blue Wings Travel's necessity for many

Tourism is crucial for Finnish Lapland, as it might be difficult to find employment in many areas without it. The travel industry brings 1.5 million euros annually to the local economy.

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Safe travel We look after your health and safety

To ensure your well-being and peace-of-mind on every step of your journey, we have introduced numerous new safety and hygiene measures.

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Safe travel Book your flights flexibly

We want to offer you flexibility for making reservation changes and have updated our ticket change policy due to the coronavirus situation.

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Blue Wings Responsible travel during coronavirus

By following simple rules, you can act responsibly while travelling, helping to keep yourself and others safe, while minimizing the risk of spreading coronavirus.

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Blue Wings Building sustainable travel habits

The joint challenges of coronavirus and climate change have brought the need for more sustainable travel into sharp focus. Making smart travel choices counts, as many countries in developing regions are dependent on tourism.

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Blue Wings Aircraft ventilation and cabin air

Thanks to efficient air ventilation and filtering, airplanes are an unlikely place to catch viruses. HEPA filters on Airbus and Embraer aircrafts remove 99.79% of bacteria and viruses.

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