Manage booking


Examples of booking numbers:

  • Apollo: 123456789123
  • Aurinkomatkat: 123ABC (Six characters long airline reference)
  • Detur: 12345678
  • Matkavekka: 12345678
  • Alppimatkat: 12345
  • Tjäreborg: 12345678
  • Toiviomatkat: 12345678
  • TUI: AG12345
  • You Travel: 12345678

Please write a hyphenated or double surname together, without the hyphen.


Finnair flies to dozens of popular holiday destinations in cooperation with Suntours and other tour operators. During the summer we fly mostly to Mediterranean destinations and during the winter to exotic places in Asia and the Americas. Flight-only purchases can be made via Finnair’s website, but if you prefer to buy a holiday package, please contact Finnair Holidays, Suntours or any other tour operator.


If you have booked a holiday package or flights through Finnair Holidays or through a tour operator, please see Manage Booking to reserve a specific seat or pre-order a meal. You can also use this service to pay for transportation of sports equipment and excess baggage in advance.

Travel extras can be ordered no later than:

  • Seats: 36 h before the departure
  • Pre-order meals: 72 h before the departure or 24 h before the departure if departing from Helsinki
  • Baggage: up until 3 hours before departure

Travel extras can be ordered at the earliest 185 days before departure. Please ask your tour operator for exact information on the opening time of the service for your flight.

You can pay for travel extras using a Visa, Eurocard/MasterCard, American Express, or Diners Club credit card.

Via Manage booking you can also add the advance passenger information (API, TSA) required when travelling to, from or via the United States.