Checked baggage

Baggage allowance for Finnair flights

Baggage allowance ECONOMY LIGHT Economy Value/Basic/Standard Economy Pro/Flexible Business
Flights to/from Asia* - 1 PC 2 PC 3 PC
Flights within Europe, Russia and the Middle East 0 PC 1 PC 2 PC 2 PC
Flights to/from North America 0 PC 1 PC 1 PC 2 PC
Flights to/from Havana and Puerto Plata - 1 PC 1 PC 3 PC
Children 0 PC same as adult same as adult same as adult
Infants 0–2 years 0 PC 1 PC 1 PC 1 PC
* Flights to/from Japan: for all Economy Class tickets allowance is 2 PC.

1 PC = one piece of baggage with the maximum weight of 23 kg and external dimensions (length + width + height) of up to 158 cm. A piece of special baggage, for example a musical instrument or golf equipment that fit in these measures can also be regarded as one piece of baggage. In addition, skis up to 220 cm are counted as one piece of baggage.

Use our Baggage allowance calculator to check your baggage allowance for flights operated by Finnair.

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A child with his or her own seat has the same basic baggage allowance as an adult travelling in the same travel class. An infant’s baggage allowance includes one piece of baggage weighing a maximum of 23 kg.

In addition, these allowances include a folding pushchair and safety seat. Safety seats may be taken into the cabin, space and safety regulations permitting. Please read more here.

Exception: when travelling with the ticket type Economy Light, infants do not have baggage allowance, but a folding pushchair and safety seat may be transported free of charge. If needed, checked baggage can be added separately for a fee.

Finnair Plus and oneworld members

Finnair Plus Platinum, Gold and Silver members and oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members can take one additional bag on oneworld marketed flights operated by Finnair.

In addition, Finnair Plus Gold and Platinum members are allowed to take a set of golf, ski or diving equipment on flights operated and marketed by Finnair.

Additional baggage

If you wish to take more bags than what is included in your checked baggage allowance, you need to pay an extra bag charge for any additional baggage.

If all legs of your flight are operated and marketed by Finnair, you can calculate the extra bag charge and pay it online with our Baggage allowance calculator. When you pay for the additional baggage online, it’ll cost you less than if you pay at the airport.

Go to the baggage calculator More on additional baggage

Large and heavy baggage

A heavy bag charge applies to baggage with the maximum weight of 32 kg (70 lb) and/or maximum dimensions of 190 cm x 75 cm x 65 cm (75 in x 29.5 in x 25.5 in). The heavy bag charge is not collected from Business Class passengers or Finnair Plus Lumo, Finnair Plus Platinum or oneworld Emerald members.

Some special items, for example wheelchairs, some sports equipment and large musical instruments, exceeding the maximum measures may be accepted with a prior approval from the airline. Please contact Finnair.

All other baggage exceeding the maximum measures can only be transported as cargo.

Sports equipment

Baggage allowance on other airlines’ flights

Baggage allowances and regulations may vary depending on the airline. If your flight is operated by American Airlines, British Airways, Iberia or Japan Airlines, please click the adjacent links to find out more.

If your flight is operated by some other airline, please contact us, the operating airline or your travel agency for more information.

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