WDL aviation operates some Finnair flights on July and August | Finnair Estonia

WDL aviation operates some Finnair flights on July and August

Due to operational reasons, Finnair leases an E190 aircraft and crew from WDL Aviation, a German airline company from 1 July–31 August 2019. The leased aircraft will operate all the flights to/from Hanover and some of our flights to/from Hamburg.

First published on 7 June 2019

In the flights operated with the leased aircraft, the cockpit and cabin crew come from WDL Aviation. They serve customers in English and German. There is also one Finnish-speaking cabin crew member from Finnair on board. Finnair service concept is followed.

When buying tickets through finnair.com, the operating airline is shown on the ‘Select Flights’ page. If you already have a booking on any of the flights affected, we’ll inform you about the changed aircraft via pre-departure e-mails. Please go to Manage booking on our website or Finnair App and check that we have your current contact information.

If you wish to change or cancel your flight due to the change in the operating carrier, we ask you kindly to contact Finnair Customer Service.

We are also at your service on Twitter @FinnairHelps, in our Facebook pages and via chat on finnair.com.

You can check your passenger rights on our website.

We apologize for any inconvenience!