Finnair Plus Silver

You can move up to the Finnair Plus Silver tier once you have collected 30,000 tier points or taken 20 scheduled flights that qualify for point accrual with Finnair or other oneworld airlines during your tracking period.

Silver tier benefits

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Finnair Plus rules

oneworld benefits

oneworld’s own tier symbols ensure that you’ll always receive the benefits due to you when you fly with Finnair or other oneworld airlines. The Finnair Plus Silver tier is equivalent to the oneworld Ruby tier – that’s why your Finnair Plus Silver membership card bears the red oneworld Ruby tier symbol.

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Maintain your current tier

You’ll maintain your Silver tier membership when you collect 30,000 tier points or take 20 Finnair or other oneworld scheduled flights during your tracking period. If you don’t have enough tier points to renew your Silver membership by the end of your tracking period, you can make up the difference by exchanging some of your award points for tier points, if you wish.

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In case you cannot get enough points to remain a Silver member, you will become a Basic member again. If this happens, your tier point balance will be reset to zero and a new tracking period will begin.

Get to the next tier

As a Silver member, you can move up to the Finnair Plus Gold tier once you have collected 80,000 tier points or taken 46 Finnair or other oneworld scheduled flights. Your new Gold tier membership card will then appear in the Finnair app and you can start using the Gold tier benefits immediately. Your Gold membership will continue for the rest of your Silver tracking period plus the next twelve months.

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Earn benefits for life with Finnair Plus Lifetime membership

The Finnair Plus program has two Finnair Plus Lifetime tiers: Gold and Platinum. Once you have reached a Lifetime tier, it’ll last you a lifetime – this personal benefit can never be downgraded.

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