Find your moment in Helsinki

Enjoy a weekend getaway or stay for a bit longer – visit Helsinki and see why Nordic culture is all about beautiful contrasts.

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Five reasons to visit Helsinki

Five reasons to visit Helsinki


In Helsinki it's -6° outside, and +74° inside.

Go from the snow to the sauna in the same day. The clean, crisp northern air makes you feel alive. And when you’re ready to warm up, head inside and enjoy the peace and quiet of an authentic Finnish sauna experience.


In Helsinki we have cutting-edge fashion, and the best of the past.

Find a look that you’d never get at home. Come to Helsinki and discover the latest Nordic fashion trends in our many boutique shops, or take a walk on the wild side and find classic clothes in our vintage shops.


In Helsinki we have world-famous design, and the next big thing.

There’s Nordic design around every corner – from the bright colours of a Marimekko handbag to the unique look of Minna Parikka shoes, Helsinki is the place to be if you enjoy thoughtfully crafted everyday items.

Food & Drink

In Helsinki we have everyday routines, and something you’ve never tried before.

Discover a uniquely Nordic food scene. Are you looking for the simple taste of comfort food? Or a food truck adventure? Helsinki has easy-to-enjoy flavours and local culinary creations that will challenge your taste buds.


In Helsinki staying in feels amazing, and going out is an adventure.

You’ll find something that matches your mood. Whether it’s the perfect hotel duvet or an ‘off the wall’ modern art museum, Helsinki has an experience that’s just right for you – it’s a city where you can truly be yourself.