Purchase Lounge access

With this service you can easily add a lounge access to your Finnair flight booking with Finnair Plus points or lounge pass. To start, just log in to your Finnair Plus account.


Select the passengers you want to get Finnair lounge access by checking the box next to the passenger’s name.


Select the flights/lounges you want to access lounge by checking the box next to the lounge. Please note that Finnair lounges are not available on all airports. See further information and terms. The online lounge access service will charge points/lounge pass according to each lounge.

In case you cannot select any seats even though there is availability, please check that you have enough points or travel class upgrades at your disposal.

  • Not eligible means that Finnair lounge is not available.
  • Please note that the maximum lounge stay is three (3) hours.
  • Please check lounge opening hours from Finnair website.


Get Finnair lounge access by using Finnair Plus award points or lounge pass. The service automatically calculates the amount of points or lounge passes needed. After making your choice, click the Get your lounge access button.

If you don't have enough points you can buy the lounge access from www.finnairplusshop.com by using money or combination of money and points.