Hear the taste
– an artificial intelligence
mini program

Did you know that the background sound inside an airplane changes the way your food tastes? For example: sweet and salty tastes are reduced while the umami taste is enhanced.

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Together with our signature chef Steven Liu, we created Nordic soundscapes to enhance his Finnair dishes. And now, we wanted to bring the sound of the Nordics to every dish in the world with an artificial intelligence mini program. The program uses advanced image recognition software that scans any food picture and offers you a customized soundtrack for you to enjoy.

Watch the video where Steven lets people test the mini program.

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Hear the taste
– experiment

Finnair signature chef Steven Liu went on a trip around the Nordic countries to record northern sounds that enhance his culinary vision. Together, we created a scientific soundscape for each of Steven’s dishes, and you can find them on selected flights from China to Europe in 2018.

Watch the video of the experiment where people enjoyed our in-flight dishes with Nordic soundscapes.

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Put your headphones and sounds on and start to explore.
Click to hear the soundscape.

Hear the taste
– a culinary adventure of taste and sound

It’s a scientific fact that sound affects how food tastes. Finnair signature chef Steven Liu has created three signature menu items for us, and to celebrate his East-meets-West menu, we’ve added a unique Nordic element that compliments the eating experience.

Steven Liu went on a trip around the Nordic countries to record northern sounds that enhance his culinary vision. Together, we created an exclusive soundscape for each Steven’s portions and we are now inviting you to hear what his new menu sounds like.

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When east meets west

Chinese Steven Liu is a Finnair signature Top Chef who brings to us the best Asian flavours and gives them a unique Nordic twist.

As of April 6, 2016, East and West will meet above the clouds, when customers departing from Beijing and Shanghai will be served dishes of the Signature Menu by Steven Liu.

“Cooking is all about passion and love. It should be fun, wholesome, simple, vibrant, and above all – delightful. I can easily blend the key flavours of different cuisines. The menu designed for Finnair offers unique flavours by combining traditional Asian dishes with fresh and authentic dishes from different regions of China.”

-Steven Liu

Steven Liu
– Executive chef de cuisine

Steven Liu has made a remarkable career in Asia as well as in Europe. His dishes have been served in the tables of distinguished establishments such as The Savoy, The Dorchester and Le Cordon Bleu. Chef Steven is the Culinary Ambassador of Le Cordon Bleu in Greater China; Culinary Director of the Top Chefs Challenge Reality Show on CCTV-2; Culinary Judge of Master Chef China on Dragon TV and Master Chef Celebrity China on Jiangsu Broadcasting Cooperation.