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Refreshed menus onboard all Finnair flights

1 September 2021 onwards, Finnair refreshes meal and drink service onboard all its flights, and we’re also bringing back our Nordic Kitchen onboard menu.

This article is no longer up to date, as our in-flight services change on all our flights on 19 April 2023. Please read more about the changes in in-flight service.

On all flights, we offer you complimentary a quality core product that varies based on your travel class and route, and you can tailor it with your own choices and our selection of travel extras, like snacks and drinks from the Nordic Kitchen pre-order or onboard menu. For any special diets, we have a variety of options that suit different health, dietary, religious and nutritional requirements. Just book your preferred special meal in advance through chatbot on our website.

In our menus, we continue to combine Nordic flavours with tastes borrowed from our friends abroad bringing together simple elements and high-quality ingredients. We have simplified the service and offer less options to reduce food waste.

We have refreshed our menus both in Business and Economy Class on intercontinental and European flights.

In our spacious Business Class, you travel with all its comforts. On intercontinental flights, you have also time to enjoy culinary experiences. We will serve you a delightful main meal service accompanied with a lighter second service, snacks and refreshments – along with a matching beverage and wine selection. Our menu highlights both Nordic and destination flavours and is designed with simplicity and sustainability at heart. For any special diets, please book your preferred meal in advance.

In Business Class on European flights, we serve you one of these three options depending on your flight time: a sandwich or a fresh, cold meal with bread or a three-course meal with Nordic flavors – along with a selection of beverages. To minimize food waste, we have a set menu available onboard. If you wish to have a special meal, please book it in advance. You can read more about our Business Class menus here.

In our Economy Class you travel comfortably with our friendly cabin crew taking care of you. On intercontinental flights, you enjoy a tasty hot meal with a selection of non-alcoholic beverages. We also serve you a complimentary glass of wine or beer, if you wish, with your main meal. For the second service, we serve you a light meal or breakfast with non-alcoholic drinks. You can treat yourself by purchasing drinks and snacks from our Nordic Kitchen onboard selection. To minimize food waste, we have a set menu available onboard. In case you have a special diet, please let us know about it in advance.

In Economy Class on European flights, we serve you complimentary blueberry juice and water on most routes. To compliment your order, you can pre-order a fresh sandwich or a hot meal with wine from our Nordic Kitchen selection on most routes or purchase onboard a tasty snack, drink or quality coffee, cappuccino or tea. You can check our digital onboard menu here or via Finnair mobile app.

Changes in payment methods on Finnair flights

We have introduced new payment methods onboard Finnair flights, and with this, cash payments are no longer available.

The most common debit and credit cards Visa, Mastercard and American Express are accepted– and now also Diners Club and JCB. Also, Apple Pay and Google Pay are new payment options, and they are available only on flights with internet connection.

Contactless payments are recommended for smooth shopping experience and also for your health and safety. Contactless card payments are now possible up to 50€.

More information about the available payment options is here.

Want to know more about our menus? Go here.

Together with our refreshed meal and drink service, we have taken many steps forward with sustainability. Read more about these improvements here.

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