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Stretcher service for Finnair flights is available for patient transportation arranged by the repatriation organisation. It is important that ambulance transportation has been arranged in advance by the repatriation organisation at the stations of departure, transit and destination A stretcher reservation can be confirmed only when the required ambulance contact information has been inserted into the PNR.

Possible aircraft types for stretcher are at the moment: Airbus 319/320/321/340

On Finnish domestic flights the stretcher service is not available.

STRC fare:

- on European routes 4 normal one-way AY carrier Y-level fares

- on Intercontinental routes 4 normal one-way AY carrier J-level fares

The additional charge for the stretcher has to be collected as Q surcharge in the fare calculation. In cases where the passenger's ticket is already issued, the Q surcharge can be collected through a reissue.

The passenger ticket may be of any applicable fare category.

The passenger is entitled to carry the normal free baggage allowance for each fare paid. In addition, passenger dependent on a wheelchair, a pair of crutches or other prosthesis may carry such extra items without charge.

If the passenger's itinerary includes other carriers it is important to obtain confirmation from each carrier in advance, as the fares, regulations and booking procedures vary.

Cancellation fee: 50 % of the price if stretcher is cancelled less than 24 hrs on European routes and less than 48 hrs on Intercontinental routes

For further information please contact Finnair Medadesk, tel. +358 9 818 31975, fax +358 9 818 4825 and e-mail:

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